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Disclosures & Authorisations


Deal directly with the finance company and pay only 5% for the loan.
When you chose this option, The finance company, Finance and Loans Direct Pty Ltd may choose at its discretion to pay by cheque or by means of direct deposit into your account.


Deal with Teleloans.
We have the facilities to process your advance quickly. This means, unless banking facilities prevent it, you can have your money as early as this afternoon. If not you will receive it on the next working day unless otherwise advised. Our fees vary depending on the options you choose. We will advise you of all the costs before you are locked into any contract. There is no obligation!

All loans taken using the Teleloans service through our finance company (Finance and Loans Direct Pty Ltd) have a maximum loan term of 62 days. The first payment must be made within 20 days of the loan being taken.


As with all loans there are financial implications for non-payment. If payment is defaulted on, Teleloans charges a dishonour fee of $49, 1st dishonour letter fee of $30, 2nd dishonour letter fee of $50 and a 3rd dishonour letter fee of $50. Additional fees are applicable once the debt is handed over to an external debt collect, these are a collections tracking fee of $50 and a Investigator/Hand over Fee of $175 (plus legal fees). See below for Teleloans collection practices.

Collection Practices

The Teleloans internal collections department will attempt to contact you directly by way of phone calls, text messages, emails and letters after each dishonoured payment. If we are unable to recover the funds and after 3 dishonoured payments in a row, the debt will be handed over to an external debt collector, Australian Receivables Limited.

Credit Scores Impact

Teleloans does not register a default on your credit rating. See above for our collection practices.


At Teleloans we do not offer refinancing or renewal options. However you can reapply if in the future one of our products will help you. If you do wish to borrow again, simply click the existing client link at the top of this page. From there you can reapply for another loan.